Runway Filming

For the launch of Sydney Fashion Week 2017, designer Dion Lee was holding the showcase of his 2017 collection on the steps at the Sydney Opera House. We were brought in to capture the full beauty of the event, and show off the stunning location.


Sydney Opera House, and a boat in Sydney Harbour


Event filming


Despite the beauty of the location of the shoot, it didn't come without it's challenges. Because of the high-level of pedestrian traffic surrounding the Opera House, there was no safe spot to take-off and land the drone. To combat this, we took off from a boat from a boat in the middle of Sydney Harbour, ensuring a safer take-off and landing spot, far enough away from anyone passing by.

Despite the beauty of being on a boat in Sydney Harbour with the sun going down, it did provide us with a few more problems. Shooting completely steady shots while the camera operator is on a bobbing ship in the middle of the ocean was pretty tricky, and timing the flights and shots to coincide with the runway walks was difficult. However, we were able to work our way around these problems and found ourselves capturing some beautiful shots of a truly memorable runway show. 

The footage turned out amazing, and blended perfectly with the ground footage and aesthetic of the show itself. Keep your eyes peeled for Alphaflight's involvement in Fashion Week 2018.