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A complete or partial set of views for a development project is an valuable resource for planning, appraising and selling. With more properties being sold off the plan than ever before, it’s vital to generate buyer interest through eye-catching view photography and produce marketing material with a thorough knowledge of key view corridors and obstructions.


Bondi Junction, Sydney NSW


View showcase from 5 locations on a 22 storey building


Our clients approached us needing to establish the views from each individual apartment in their development site in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. With harbour views so tightly regarded in Sydney, it was important to establish which apartments had harbour views and which did not.

Flying our Freefly ALTA 6 drone over an existing building, in between two 20 storey apartment buildings, in a busy area next to a bustling shopping centre was no easy task. Our three man team (pilot, camera operator and safety supervisor) were able to work out a way to ensure efficient, but most importantly, safe drone practices for all on site. 

Working on site with the developer and architects, we were able to work out a way to capture views from 5 different vantage points, on every level of the 22 storey building. This adds immeasurable value to any development, as potential buyers can know the view from their bedroom window before the building is even constructed.

Top Floor View.jpg
Bondi Junction Display 1.jpg